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Spring is Here!

White flowers

I don’t know why,  but to me April is the official start of Spring.  What an awesome time of year.  I love, love, love it!  Not only is it an awaking of “Mother Earth” but also a time to renew or awaken something in us that has been dormant for the Winter.  It is “SELF.”  Where is your “SELF?”  I am trying to get my “SELF” together through life-style changes and exercise.  Do you know where you left you the last time you thought of you?   Don’t think about April Fool’s Day.  That’s childish and it has nothing to do with grown women and men.  It has to do with pranksters that just might get their feelings hurt.  If you know what I mean?

Renew or revisit a promise to you that you might have made earlier this year.  You are worth the visit.


Just Think About It:  Try to be better than the “SELF” of 2013.


Where do we begin?

Is it Spring yet?dew drops on purple flowers




It’s now time for color and  showing off the skin of the arms, legs and feet.  What cha’ doing to get your Cute self ready?  Well, don’t say it,  “I ain’t don a thang!” or “I’m waiting for it to warm up a little first.”  Whaaaat!?  Don’t do that Cutie.  Start with a good and professional manicure and pedicure.   Then . . .Cuties are you willing to take the time to learn of yourselves?  Or,  you just want to continue pretending?  You don’t really want to continue in this charade?  Aren’t you tired?  Remove the masks of self-denial.  The mask of not fully caring for our minds and bodies?  This is a new day and a fresh new time of year, Spring is in the air.   Let’s begin anew with the newness of this season.   Who are you really?  How do you care about yourself when you are alone with yourself?  Are you good to yourself?

What is your daily regimen just for you?  In all things about the skin, start with a good cleanser, and then moisture, moisture, moisturize.  The next step is to lock that moisture in.   Not only for the face but what about the hands and feet?  That would also apply to our hair!!  I know, shocker, right?  Since the almighty perm, we(Sisters) have been afeared of water or moisture or whatever you call it.  We didn’t and don’t want it coming anywhere near our hair.  We now can make moisture work even with the straight or the natural styles.  We just have to find out what works for “OUR” hair.  Just because we like a style on someone or saw a style in a  magazine, it doesn’t mean we can achieve that same style, swing or shine.  And please, please you shouldn’t get upset with the stylist when he or she couldn’t pull it off.

On my quest to cuteness, I henndigo-ed my hair last night, for the Spring and Summer.   I’m never really sure if spring and summer should be capitalized.  Yeh, they should.

Hopefully, the information will become more informative with your help, of course.


Think About It:   What has happened to your resolutions?  Start now!  with a promise to you.    “I will love and honor  ‘YOUR  NAME’   this year.”


Skin and Nail Care in Winter

Hello Cutie:

How are you protecting those cuticles and natural nails?  The answer is warmth and oil, not vaseline.  Oils are and should be an essential part of your daily regimen.  It’s a quick lubricant that seals in moisture to keep the cuticles and nail plate soft and flexible.  Therefore, it will help eliminate dry, cracked and split cuticles and dry, brittle and breaking nails.   Cuticle oil promotes healthy nail growth and preserves resilience to the skin and nails while wearing your natural nails or nail enhancements:  gels or acrylic overlay or just plain polish(considered an overlay) in the nail care industry.