~continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

Believe that you can and you’re halfway there. –Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States


Monday Mani

Cuticles are to be cared for even in summer.  Not only are the cuticles being over-exposed to more harsh chemicals but are going from wet to dry more often for most.  We tend to wash and eat seasonal fruit and veggies more through out the summer months.  Therefore, light oils, such as jojoba, sweet almond, coconut oil and even evoo may be applied often to dry and cracked cuticles.  It is best to apply these oils right after water exposure to trap the moisture in the outer skin layer and these oils will also absorb into dry skin.


And, of course, damaged cuticles will look better after these oils are applied.




A teacher is explaining biology to her 3rd grade students.  She says, “Human beings are the only animals that stutter.” A little girl raises her hand saying, “I had a kitty-cat who stuttered.”

The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become.  So, she asked the girl to describe the incident. “Well,” she began, “I was in the back yard with my kitty and the Rottweiler that lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!”

The teacher exclaimed, “That must’ve been scary!”  The little girl said, “It sure was. My kitty raised her back, went ‘Sssss!, Sssss!, Sssss!’ and before she could say ‘S#!t,’  the Rottweiler ate her!”

The teacher had to leave the room.


One Sunday morning, a young child was acting up during the worship service. 

The parents did their best to maintain some sense of order in the pew but were losing the battle.  

Finally, the father picked the little fellow up and walked sternly up the aisle on his way out.  

Just before reaching the safety of the foyer, the little one called loudly to the congregation, “Pray for me! Pray for me!”