About Me

Expert Nail Technician and Nail Technology Instructor

Welcome to Dew Drop Nails’  . . .  where natural nail-care is the specialty. 

Nail trends, nail colors, nail and skin-care advice and answers are available at Dew Drop Nails.  These and other answers are now at your finger tips.

For approximately 20 years, Dew Drop Nails has been located in the Whitehaven Community of Memphis, Tennessee.  I’ve enjoyed bringing inner beauty to light, naturally.  The focus has been to provide natural nail-care in a orderly atmosphere accented with pleasant sounds and aromas.  Dew Drop Nails is the place to relax, catch your breath and  leave the noise and confusion behind, for a little while, at least.

What’s most important at Dew Drop Nails?  First, to pamper by beautifying the nails and skin of the hands and feet;  and secondly, to educate regarding workable, day-to-day care of hands and feet between services.  

Allow Dew Drop Nails to put “YOU” first. 

Where are “YOU” on your daily schedule?   Answer that question, then call to schedule your next pampering services at Dew Drop Nails, where natural nail-care is the specialty.  

“You make the time and I’ll take the time.”

I am waiting for your call, TODAY 

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