Spring Cleaning and Your Nails

How does one begin?  Some may want to take a whole day?  Some, those of us that work all day, take a room a day, maybe a Saturday or our one day off.  And, some may do it the Mary Kay way. . . The 5 a.m. Club.  Or it could be the 4 a.m. Club.  It would depend on what time your day starts.  It would mean that you have to get up one hour earlier to do your cleaning for that one club hour.  I can’t even now imagine those with CHILDREN.  How long will this take with you doing it the Spring Cleaning way?  It  will depend on whether or not you linger or reminisce when you find something you use to wear or your child use to play with or made for you from the second grade(they are now 30).  It’s been a while.

No matter your method of cleaning.  We have to be mindful of the care of our hands, nails and cuticles.  Cleaning supplies and just plain old neglect can wreck havoc on the skin of our hands during this time of year.  Our skin and nails have gone through the cold, dry season to now be dried out even further with cleaning chemicals and harsh soapy water.


The key to all this drying out is moisture, moisture, moisture, not grease or lotions filled with more chemicals and alcohol.  Try natural oils such as coconut, olive or jojoba added to your favorite lotion if you must.  ALWAYS wear gloves when cleaning with chemicals and cleaning detergents, you’ll be glad you did.



Life Wisdom

I love, love this time of year.  It’s not too hot nor too cold, just right for sleeping.

As fall swiftly approaches, this time of year calls for changes in fashion as the weather turns.  Time to pull out our heavy oils and creams to keep hands and feet nice and supple.

It’s time to start that exercise and weight loss journey before the holidays.

Sept wisdom2

What are your nails saying about you? continued

Healthy, happy nails

Healthy, happy nails! Check out the healthy cuticles


Healthy nails are not . . .

Purple nails – When nails turn purple or blue, says Dr. Graf, it could be a symptom of Raynaud’s. The syndrome causes blood vessels in the fingers and toes to spasm, and while it’s usually just a benign inconvenience, Raynaud’s can also be an early symptom of more serious disorders.  This can also be a sign of poor circulation.

Dark Spots – Those small, vertical plum lines you see running along your nails? They’re called splinter hemorrhages, and sometimes they can be chalked up to a run-of-the-mill injury. However, says Dr. Graf, it’s important to pay attention. “If you see dark, longitudinal lines, those are definitely things to get checked. They could be birthmarks, but if they go below the nail plate, they need to be evaluated for melanoma.” These tiny blood clots are also loosely associated with a host of other health issues, from lupus to heart inflammation, so schedule an appointment to rule out anything serious.

If a dark stripe or band suddenly appears at the cuticle or on in the nail plate, get it checked out.

If any of these apply to you, please see a licensed manicurist or podiatrist for advice. 

There are some conditions that may be helped by visiting your pedicurist on a  regular basis, not just when you have to or some special occasion.

Think About It:  Does your outer appearance match who you are on the inside?   You are the only one that can really see you.

What are your nails saying about you?

 Healthy nails . . .

What Are Your Nails Trying to Tell You?Manicured hands

Photo: Getty Images

They say, “The eyes are the window to the soul”.  But as it turns out, the nails may give us a glimpse of our inside and overall health.  “Fingernails should be a healthy, pinkish color,” says Dr. Jeannette Graf, a clinical and research dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. “But significant changes to the entire nail could represent something going on in the body.”

Of course, slight variations are normal and no reason for panic, but here’s a guide to what specific issues could mean.

Pitting – “Pitting of the nails could be psoriasis,” says Dr. Graf, adding that in some cases, it could be a symptom of a connective tissue disorder.  If you see small depressions or irregular contours in your nail bed, it’s time to visit a dermatologist.

Clubbing – Surprisingly, the tips of your nails hold hints about your lungs. “Clubbing of the end of the fingers can be suggestive of pulmonary disease,” Dr. Graf explains. Colloquially known as Hippocratic fingers, this condition is easy to identify due to its “inflated” appearance. “If you look at the end of the nail and it’s thick and round, that’s clubbing,” Dr. Graf adds.  Other signs of possible lung problems?  Longitudinal, linear lesions in the nail bed or blood splinters.

Spoon-shaped nails – Koilonychia—indented or concave nails with ridges—could be a sign of iron-deficiency anemia, according to Dr. Graf. It may also suggest hemochromatosis, a liver disease caused by too much iron buildup. Uneven nails, she says, should also grab your attention: “In the absence of trauma or psoriasis, when the nail is uneven, it could also be a sign of thyroid problems.”

To be continued . . .

If you have any questions about your nails, skin or hair, please consult a dermatologist.


Think About It:  Take time to write out your goals.  Writing out your goals makes you more decisive.


Holiday Glam

cracked heels

Don’t let these be yours?!

Are you ready for those office parties and out of town guests?  How are you looking?  Skin?  Hair?  Nails?  Heels?

These feet and heels are saying, ‘I’m tied and I’m redta go!’  Don’t put off your services(mani and pedi) til the last minute and act surprised when those feet turn out to be yours.  No amount of lotion or vaseline will hide the much needed overhaul.   Time is short and schedules are full.  Your time is precious. So plan some time for your Holiday Glam.  If not, wear enclosed shoes, please.

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Some Holiday Glam Choices


handandfoot-russia daysofnailartnl_348908_lnailedbystacy_348490_lChristmas colors!



nailedbystacy_386742_m These would have to be done after you’ve cooked all the goodies.


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