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Holiday Glam

cracked heels

Don’t let these be yours?!

Are you ready for those office parties and out of town guests?  How are you looking?  Skin?  Hair?  Nails?  Heels?

These feet and heels are saying, ‘I’m tied and I’m redta go!’  Don’t put off your services(mani and pedi) til the last minute and act surprised when those feet turn out to be yours.  No amount of lotion or vaseline will hide the much needed overhaul.   Time is short and schedules are full.  Your time is precious. So plan some time for your Holiday Glam.  If not, wear enclosed shoes, please.

By appointment, you are next at  Dew Drop Nails where . . . natural nail-care is the specialty. 


Some Holiday Glam Choices


handandfoot-russia daysofnailartnl_348908_lnailedbystacy_348490_lChristmas colors!



nailedbystacy_386742_m These would have to be done after you’ve cooked all the goodies.



Life Wisdom

Turn Little Blessings Into Celebrations

Gorgeous sunsets.  Laughter of children.  A hot bubble bath.  A vacant parking space at the mall.  Celebrate each blessing.  Life is a journey.  Focus on all the little things that make it Joypleasurable.  Do not take today for granted.  You’ve already received and received and received so much from God.  Talk it up.  —M. Murdock

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ.”  Ephesians 5:20