“I don’t feel that I need a pedicure.” WHAT!?

When and how often should one get a pedicure?  Some people feel that summer is the best time to get a pedicure.  They think because the feet are out and therefore the feet need to look good.  Actually, winter is the most important time to get a pedicure.  The feet are taken through steep temperature changes during the course of a day.  Also, during these temp changes,  the feet are placed in tight, sweaty shoes, socks and/or boots.  The weather is not conducive for pretty feet during the cold months of winter.   The feet may go from dry to wet several times during a day.  All of these changes cause drying of the skin.  Cold winter floors further pull the much-needed moisture from the feet.  Here is an example of putting off  much-needed foot care.

"I feel I might need a pedi."

“I feel I might need a pedi.”


After assessment of the feet, a thorough pedicure was performed with special care and attention given to the reduction of thicken nails and overgrown cuticles, also the hard and misshapen calluses were reduced and smoothed.  Dew Drop Crystals were applied to exfoliate and lighten the skin.   Finally, a light massage was given to increase circulation.

"Tote me to my car, cause I don't w to walk on my new feets."

“Tote me to my car, cause I don’t want to walk on my new feets.”


This  is the season for looking and feeling your best.  Get those tootsies looking their best , starting this Memorial Day weekend!



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