To have a Daddy like that . . .

Dad and baby GirlWhat does a real Daddy look like . . . ?  Many of us cannot tell you.  We to often grow up in single parent homes, mostly headed by women.  Often our moms, aunts and grand mamas grow cold, old,  angry and alone without a nice word to say about any man, let alone the father(s) of their child(ren).   They have trusted and been disgusted by the same man or the same kind of man for so long, that they allow hurt and anger to swallow them up.  Some of these men donot know how to be men.  So,  how would they know what a Daddy would do?   They probably came from the same kind of background, single parent homes. 

Most women give up altogether.  They let hurt dominant the center of their lives.  Dreams and promises that was never within reach,  leave deep trenches filled with painful memories in the middle of their broken hearts.   What can feel it?  How to refocus that energy?  Fill that trench of pain with something better?  Send that hurt to another place?   Maybe, to a place where love grows.  Where does the love for your children live and grow?   Let the legacy you may leave be one of love, principles and kindness not one of hurt, bitterness and anger.  

I teared up listening to one of my clients, late last week, as she  recalled her Father, who has passed on.  She beamed as she spoke of him, not of his death but of his legacy.  How he was a man of principles and rules that kept them grounded.  She now teaches some of those same principles to her daughters.  Thanks so much for sharing Aaron. 

However, more and more single dads are heading households.  I know there has to be a “few good men” out there somewhere still doing what real Daddies do.  So if you would, share what your real Daddy is/was like, so we may enjoy your memories through for-real eyes and hearts. 


Just a Thought:  Remember the Daddies in your life with something special.


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