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Life Wisdom

With the recent onslaught against women and mothers,  just a little something I wanted to put out there.  I love Dr. Adrian Rogers and the following was taken from one of his writings.

‘ . . .  the incredible impact godly mothers and grandmothers have on their families—and on our society!

We are in difficulty today in America, like a ship lost at sea without a rudder or a compass, on a dark and stormy night.  The anchor is gone.  What is the anchor? It is motherhood, and there is a war against motherhood in America.  The result: immorality, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, militant feminism, juvenile delinquency, [and] all of this can be traced back to the homicide of the home that comes by the neglect of motherhood.”

Godly mothers and grandmothers truly are the anchor of the next generation.’

Are the mothers of today leaving a legacy of godliness as most of our Mothers, Moms, and MudDears of yesteryear? 

Just something to think about?