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What are your nails saying about you? continues

Hands and feet do not have to match.

Hands and feet colors or designs do not have to match.

 Healthy nails are not . . .

Weak, brittle nails – “Ridges and weakness can be just dry nails,” Dr. Graf says. “The nail is made of keratin, so if you have rough and dry nails that break easily, that means they’re getting thinner.” Fortunately, treatment is easy: take 500 mcg of biotin daily.  Do not buff your nails, instead smooth with light block or smoothing file, this too will cause thinning and splits if not done correctly.  Polishing with nail strengthener (not hardener) will add to the overall appearance and health of your nails.  With that said, weakened nails are sometimes a sign of nutritional deficiencies. “Selenium, biotin, and other minerals are very important,” she continues. “If you have weak nails, get a checkup to rule out anemia or thyroid issues.”

Yellow, green, or white nails – Nail polish can cause a slight yellowing of the nails, which is temporary and largely harmless. But if your nails are yellow, green, or white, that may be a sign of a serious health issue. “Yellow or green nails can be indicative of lymphatic obstruction in the fingers,” Dr. Graf says, adding that significant color changes could also be a sign of liver or kidney disease.

This condition can also be due to overlays that have lifted, been on too long and/or moisture and dirt has gotten between the overlay and natural nail causing fungus which will lead to discoloration.  This can be dangerous to the future health of the nail and nailbed.

“Basically, if your nails look funky, you’ve got to get them checked out.”

The last of this three-part series will post next week.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Think About It:  The more things change, the more they stay the same. —Alphonse Karr 


Pedicure Season

Spring is here!  And we want to show off our toes with beautiful colors that compliment our skin tones.  Even men get in on the act of showing off their feet and toes.  But just like some men, some women, shouldn’t show off their feet without first getting a proper pedicure.



Pedicure is derived from the Latin words pedis, which means “of the foot”, and cura, which means “care”.  It can be the second best thing you will ever feel.  This is a typical Dew Drop Nails pedicure:  feet are soaked in warm water and aromatic foot softening flakes.  Calluses are discussed, reduced and smoothed.  Toenails are shaped, smoothed and reduced, if needed.  A cuticle softener is applied then feet are placed back into the warm water.  Unwanted cuticle is removed using a nipper.  Nails are then buffed smooth removing ridges, stains and/or imperfections.  Dew Drop Nails exfoliating crystals are applied to feet, ankles and lower legs.   Light leg and foot massage follows using Dew Drops Shea Butter Creme.  Finally, color of your choice is applied to the toenails.


Josphine Baker getting a pedi

Josephine Baker 1950’s getting a pedicure


People have been pedicuring their nails for more than 4,000 years.  In southern Babylonia, noblemen used solid gold tools to give themselves manicures and pedicures.  The use of fingernail polish can be traced back even further.  Originating in China in 3000 BC, nail color indicated one’s social status, according to a Ming Dynasty manuscript; royal fingernails were painted black and red.   Ancient Egyptians have been manicuring all the way back to 2300 BC.

A depiction of early manicures and pedicures was found on a carving from a pharaoh’s tomb, and the Egyptians were known for paying special attention to their feet and legs.  The Egyptians also colored their nails, using red to show the highest social class.   It is said that Cleopatra’s nails were painted a deep red, whereas Queen Nefertiti went with a flashier ruby shade.   In ancient Egypt and Rome, military commanders also painted their nails to match their lips before they went off to battle.



You will feel warm, relaxed and maybe in need a little nap after experiencing  the above pampering pedicure at Dew Drop Nails, where natural nail-care is the specialty.  Because I’m in the beauty industry, concentration in nail technology of hands and feet and their beautification, I believe the benefits of a pedicure is unparalleled.  Not only will it rejuvenate and beautify but improve circulation and appearance of the skin of the legs and feet.  A pedicure can be quite relaxing if done in a calm, private atmosphere.  Lastly, there will be an overall feeling of well-being.


Think About It:  Schedule your pedicure today!